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Did you know that the average dental insurance benefit maximum hasn’t changed since the late 1970s and early 1980s? With inflation and cost of living expenses going up, it’s no surprise why so many people wonder why their dental insurance seems to be shrinking.

Fortunately, our Forest Hills dentist can help keep your care costs as low as possible by…

…Having a proactive, prevention-based care strategy.

…Maximizing the coverage of your insurance policy.

…Offering 0% and low-interest financing options on every service.

When we screen for, diagnose, and treat dental issues at their earliest stages, they’re easier to repair and more affordable to treat. In fact, some of them might even be reversible. That’s why we encourage our patients to take advantage of their preventative cleanings every six months, which are usually covered close to 100% by their insurance policies.

Working with Your Insurance

Prior to starting any type of treatment, our financial coordinators will work with your insurance company to get a detailed breakdown of your coverage. From there, we can estimate the percentage and amounts of each procedure that they’ll cover.

When we review your care plan with you, you’ll be able to see what your insurance is expected to pay for, what might not be covered, and any deductibles or out-of-pocket amounts that you’ll need to know about. We’ll never start treatment without first disclosing what’s involved, because that’s not the honest thing to do. But to make that possible, it’s important that you bring a copy of your insurance card with you whenever you make an appointment.

If you have any changes in your insurance coverage, please let us know right away. Since there are things like waiting periods or yearly maximums that may come into play, it’s important to have your benefit information at or prior to your new patient appointment.

No Insurance? No Problem!

CareCredit is a third-party dental financing company that allows you to make low monthly payments on your upcoming treatment. In most cases if the balance is paid off in a specified period of time (usually 6-12 months) you can get 0% interest financing. Otherwise, low-interest financing is applied to the balance.

You can use CareCredit on its own, or in combination with your existing dental insurance coverage. It’s great for covering unexpected dental expenses or a tooth that’s been on your “to do list” for a while now.

With CareCredit you apply online anytime or right here in our Forest Hills dentist office. As soon as you’re approved, you can schedule and get started on treatment. CareCredit makes it easy to access the services you need, right when you need them. It can also be applied to elective procedures like cosmetic dentistry and smile makeovers, as well as other medical treatments.

Should You Put Your Treatment Off?

It’s common to wonder if dental treatment is absolutely necessary, especially if your tooth doesn’t even hurt. The good news is, treating it sooner can help you prevent any unnecessary toothaches or dental emergencies. The bad news is that if you wait until your tooth does start to hurt, you might need more aggressive treatment to correct it.

For example, we might find a small cavity during your routine exam. But you’re not quite sure you want to go ahead to pay for a filling, especially since you don’t have insurance. So you wait. A few months later, you suddenly have an abscess. What happened? The decay spread into the nerve of your tooth. Unfortunately at this point, you need an emergency root canal and a crown.

It’s nearly always more affordable and cost effective to treat dental problems as soon as they’re diagnosed. By financing a small filling, you can avoid the risk of having to pay for endodontic therapy, or even an extraction followed by a dental implant. The best part? You can prevent the chances of a dental emergency over the weekend or when you’re out of town on vacation.

Treating You Like Family

Over the last three decades, we’ve served multiple generations of the same families. Whether you’re a busy parent, grandparent, or returning to our office with children of your own, we’re committed to treating you like one of our own family members.

Through the years, many of our patients have become close friends with Dr. Mark and our staff. Through the long-lasting relationships that we’ve formed, we’ve been able to use our skills as oral health providers to change the quality of life and livelihood of people throughout the Forest Hills community, whether they be young children or seniors with missing teeth.

An Investment in Your Overall Health

Your oral health plays a huge part in your overall wellness. Healthy teeth and gums are essential for a balanced diet, better immune system, and improved cardiovascular health. By addressing existing dental disease, our Forest Hills dentist is able to help you live a healthier life and reduce your risk of major medical concerns.

What health concerns do we know are scientifically proven to be linked with oral disease? Blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, erectile dysfunction, diabetes, pneumonia, and infertility are just a few. So, if you’re having trouble managing underlying medical factors, it might be best to take a step back and assess the infection going on inside of your mouth to help your body handle other things going on at the same time.

Comfortable Amenities During Your Visit

Our practice is set up to provide a relaxing atmosphere and personalized experience for each guest. While you’re here, enjoy a complimentary water or hot cup of coffee as you catch up on any necessary forms. When it’s time to step back for your care, you can select your favorite television show or movie to help distract you and pass the time during your procedure.

Tailored Treatment Plans

Everyone’s dental needs and concerns are unique. For some, it may be an elective procedure that isn’t a pressing matter. For another, it could be that they prefer to have a tooth pulled rather than restored.

As we discuss your dental needs, we’ll present each appropriate treatment option and the information you need to make an educated decision about your care. From there, we’ll discuss any questions or concerns that you have about each procedure. Ultimately, you play a crucial role in determining the best treatment for your smile’s future

It’s All About You

We won’t ever make you feel like you’re being pushed into a procedure you don’t want. Dr. Mark feels that it’s crucial to have each person help to co-diagnose and co-plan their own treatment, playing a key role in their care planning.

Together, we’ll decide what’s best for your smile’s needs and your future goals. When at all possible, we’ll discuss the different options — and prices — available to treat the concerns at hand. That way you can elect the best procedure for your unique situation and lifestyle needs.

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