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If you have a missing tooth, a few missing teeth, or an entire row of missing teeth, you’ll need to consider what replacement option is right for you. One outstanding teeth replacement option that is available to many patients is dental implants.

Below is more information about what implants are, what the advantages of implants are, how much dental implants in New York cost, and more.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a tooth or teeth replacement option that involves the placement of one or more titanium rods into the jawbone of a patient to hold a dental prosthetic in place. These implants are considered a permanent solution (although the prosthetic will eventually need to be replaced).

What Are the Types of Dental Implants?

There are a few different types of implants that may be available. They each serve their own specific purpose.

Below are some of the most common forms of dental implants:

Single Implant Crowns

Single implants are for patients that need an individual tooth replaced. With that said, multiple single implants can be placed to replace more than one missing tooth.

Implant Stabilized Dentures

When people think of dentures, what generally comes to mind is traditional dentures. There are actually different types of dentures—one of which being implant stabilized (or supported) dentures. These dentures involve the placement of dental implants to hold removable dentures in place.

Dental Implant Bridges

An implant bridge is very similar to a dental bridge. The main difference is, instead of the bridge being held in place by reshaped teeth, the bridge is held in place with the help of an implant or multiple implants.


All-on-4 are similar to implant-supported dentures, with the main difference being all-on-4 aren’t meant to be removed by the patient. This provides them with an extra level of security and strength.

What Are the Benefits of Implants?

There are many benefits to dental implants. Some top benefits include:

·   Teeth Shifting Prevention. Teeth help to keep each other in place. Many people don’t consider this until they have a missing tooth or missing teeth. Dental implants help to stop teeth shifting and ensure they stay in place.

·   A Long-Lasting Solution. Unlike other replacement options, dental implants are intended to last a lifetime. While the prosthetics will eventually need to be swapped out, the implants themselves should stay in place with proper oral healthcare.

·   Strength and Durability. As dental implants are installed in the jawbone, they provide an incredible amount of strength and durability. This means you’ll be able to chew and eat your favorite foods without worry.

·   Preserves Surrounding Teeth. Dental bridges are secure, but they also require the reshaping of surrounding teeth to hold the prosthetic in place. Dental implants don’t affect the surrounding teeth.

·   Preserves Facial Appearance. A lot of people don’t know that having a missing tooth or teeth can actually change the shape of their face. Over time, a patient’s face may start to appear sunken in. A dental implant helps to ensure the shape of the patient’s face.

·   Maintains Oral Health. As teeth shift out of place due to a missing tooth or teeth, they start to become crooked or crowded. This can make it very difficult to brush and floss properly. In turn, this can cause oral health issues like tooth decay and gum disease. Dental implants stop the shifting of teeth, which makes it easier for a patient to take care of their oral health.

·   Stronger Jawbone. With a missing tooth or teeth, your jawbone will weaken over time. A dental implant helps to ensure the integrity of the jawbone.

·   An Improved Smile. A dental implant completes the smile of the patient, allowing them to smile wide with confidence.

What is the Cost of Dental Implants?

There are quite a few factors that go into the cost of dental implants in New York. You’ll need to consider the specific dentist, your insurance, what type of implant procedure you require, whether a bone graft will be required, and other factors.

With that said, the average cost of a dental implant is often around $3,000-$6,000. This is a single implant. Implant bridges and implant-supported dentures will cost much more.

Am I a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Whether or not you are a candidate for dental implants will depend on a few factors. One thing that will need to be considered is the integrity of your jawbone. If your jawbone is strong enough, you may be a good candidate. If not, you either won’t be a candidate or will require a bone graft before the placement of the dental implant.

Another factor is cost. Your insurance may or may not cover the procedure. Even if it does, you still may have a co-pay you need to consider.

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