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Dealing with a damaged tooth is no fun, but don’t worry! You’ve got several repair options at your disposal. One of the most common is dental bonding, a solid choice for minor damages or restoration work. But when you’re looking at more significant repairs, dental veneers often steal the show.

Below are some reasons why you’ll want to consider dental veneers for cracked, chipped, or otherwise damaged teeth, along with how to find a dental veneer provider in Forest Hills New York, and why Forest Hills Dental is the best option in the Forest Hills area…

Are Dental Veneers in Forest Hills NY the Ideal Choice for You?

When it comes to dental solutions, one size definitely doesn’t fit all. So, are dental veneers the right option for you? If you have healthy teeth and gums but are struggling with a tooth (or teeth) showing damage or discoloration, dental veneers could be just the answer.

Veneers primarily cater to the cosmetic side of dentistry, providing an improvement to the overall look of a patient’s teeth. That said, they also provide an added advantage of giving a bit of extra support to a damaged tooth.

So why consider dental veneers? Here are some key reasons:

Repairing cracks and chips

Accidents happen, and sometimes our teeth take the brunt of the damage. Veneers can repair these visible damages, restoring your smile to its former glory.

Improving tooth coloration

Over time, our teeth can lose their brightness. Whether it’s due to our love for coffee or just the natural aging process, veneers can help bring back that bright, white color we all desire.

Adjusting uneven and misaligned teeth

Not everyone’s teeth grow in perfectly straight. If you’re feeling self-conscious about some minor alignment issues, veneers could be an ideal solution.

Providing additional tooth support

Teeth that have been damaged or weakened can benefit from the additional support provided by dental veneers.

The impact of dental veneers goes beyond the physical, however. They often play a significant role in boosting a patient’s self-esteem, confidence, and overall mood. After all, a bright, straight, and even smile is something patients love to show off!

Addressing Tooth Decay Prior to Veneers

Before you can consider dental veneers, any existing tooth decay must be addressed. If your tooth has been damaged due to decay, the first step is always to repair the tooth and remove the damage or decay. Remember, the health of your tooth takes priority over its appearance! Once your tooth is back to its healthy state, dental veneers can then be considered as a next step.

Understanding the Cost of Veneers

Veneer costs are influenced by a variety of factors. Two of the biggest considerations include the number of veneers you’re getting and the type of veneers you choose. On average, patients opt for around six veneers (typically spread across the upper front teeth), but in some cases, you may only need a veneer for a single tooth.

During your initial consultation with Dr. Mark, he’ll discuss the different types of veneers available, and guide you towards those that best fit your needs and budget. Additionally, we recommend checking with your insurance provider to see if a portion of the procedure is covered.

For those with little to no insurance coverage, we provide flexible, low-interest financing through CareCredit. This is a great option that ensures everyone can have access to this incredible dental solution.

How to Find a Dental Veneers Provider in Forest Hills New York?

Finding a reliable and trustworthy provider of dental veneers in Forest Hills New York might seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Look for a dental practice that values its patients, is upfront about costs, and provides comprehensive consultations. Consider a Google search, then check reviews. Or you could skip the search and choose Forest Hills Dental.

At Forest Hills Dental, our team prides itself on being accessible, transparent, and committed to our patients’ oral health.

Why Choose Forest Hills Dental?

Forest Hills Dental isn’t just a dental clinic; we consider ourselves a family committed to our patients’ oral health. We are a premium dental care facility that provides services to patients of all income levels and backgrounds. We believe that top-notch dental services should be accessible to everyone, and we’re committed to delivering our services with a smile.

Dr. Gregory Mark, with his experience of over 30 years in the field of dentistry, is renowned for his exceptional work and positive demeanor. His expertise in performing dental veneer procedures is sure to leave you satisfied with the results, and his friendly attitude will make your appointments smooth and stress-free.

Reach Out to Forest Hills Dental

If you’re ready to repair a damaged or discolored tooth (or teeth), contact Forest Hills Dental today. Dr. Mark will personally evaluate your dental health and recommend the most effective restoration techniques. From there—if it’s decided that veneers are the right option—we can get you booked in for an appointment to place your veneer or veneers.

We understand that you may have questions or concerns about the procedure or the cost, and we’re more than happy to discuss these with you. We’re here to work with you to find a payment method that suits your situation.

Reach out to Forest Hills Dental today to learn more about the dental veneer placement process, and to schedule an appointment for your consultation. We can’t wait to help you on your journey to a brighter, healthier smile.


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